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Valify Approved Business Listings assists Companies, Contractors, Merchants, and Consumers to reduce fraud and financial crime and ensuring that business partners and contractors are trustworthy, can deliver and are able to fulfill their requirements.

We understand that it is crucial to vet suppliers’ traders and support those who have publicly committed to operating in a legal, honest, and fair way. We go beyond the surface to ensure a business is committed to customer service & respects their clients’ rights. 

All the businesses listed on this website have been vetted, approved, and continue to be monitored by Valify, to help ensure you receive a quality service. Businesses are only included once they have completed a series of stringent checks.

Our Approved Valified Solutions further allows you to focus your efforts on growing your business, knowing that risk-based decisions are made using reputable and accurate data.  Building business partnerships is an excellent way to grow your business. Not only can they give you access to new clients, partnerships can help you expand your product offerings, get your product into new markets, and help you strengthen weaker areas.

Benefits of using and listing your Business with Valify Approved Business Listings

•    Stay away from vendors in financial distress or trading illegally

•    Know who really profits from the relationship and identify conflicts of interest

•    Protect your brand and reputation

•    Build your online credibility

•    Advertise and be seen

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